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Natural Stone Source has a long tradition of expert design and keen, well-honed style. Coupled with an extraordinary selection of building materials, Natural Stone Source is a name San Antonio homeowners trust.


Limestone, a sedimentary stone, is among the most frequently used building materials in the world. It’s an essential component of concrete, for example. Don’t be fooled, however—its widespread use is thanks not to its utility but rather its versatility. In the right hands, limestone has even been known to yield timeless works of art. In fact, limestone has featured prominently into some of history’s most impressive and beautiful architecture of all time, most notably the Lincoln Memorial, Empire State Building, and Great Pyramids of Giza, to name a few. More recently, Natural Stone Source has honored that tradition with expert design experience, a keen, well-honed sense of style, and an extraordinary selection of building materials—now in South Central Texas homes, from Kirby to Balcones Heights. Let Natural Stone Source Inc. show you the wonder and versatility of limestone.


A distinctive form of limestone, travertine carries properties that make it excellent—architecturally speaking—for cutting, carving, and building. Favored by builders in Rome, Paris, and the U.S., travertine has been harnessed to create a host of timeless buildings. Two of its most famous examples include the Roman Coliseum and the Willis Towers of Chicago. From polished floors and tiled walls to kitchen backsplashes and outdoor spaces, you’ll be astounded at the number of ways travertine can be used today, in your Lone Star State home. Travertine is also a great choice for statues, columns, fountains, and more, thanks to the same versatility that made it a go-to cornerstone for architects thousands of years ago.


Marble is derived from limestone that’s been compressed and exposed to heat over time. Marble’s signature look is one of the most affordable ways to array a room in elegance. Consider the Venus de Milo. One of the most famous sculptures that’s ever graced the Louvre Museum in Paris was carved out of marble. Simply put, marble is a classic building material that will never go out of style. After all, it was created in Greece—as in Ancient Greece. Today, marble works well for many surfaces, including counters, fireplace detailing, flooring, and backsplashes. Because marble is heat resistant and will not discolor, marble fireplaces have recently become popular as well. Let Natural Stone Source Inc. show you the wonder and versatility of marble.

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