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Exterior Patio Pavers & Cool Copings

A charming exterior is a lot more than brick and mortar. There are practical considerations (like how much traffic will your patio see and how much weight will it need to withstand?), but at Natural Stone Source we believe in integrating these factors with your vision. Coping, the area where the pool patio meets the pool edge, offers a unique opportunity to incorporate form and function, and our many years of expertise allows us to do it in such a way that the result is a seamless wonder. Our work varies according to your need. In any case, you’ll want enough room for a table and chair set, perhaps a chaise lounge or two, and a comfortable walking space around the perimeter of the pool. There are multiple combinations of copings and patio materials. Ultimately, what’s important is that we select a pattern, material, and design that suits your home and maintains the structural integrity of your investment.


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