Marla Sharp, OWNER

NATURAL STONE SOURCE inc was established in 2000 by MARLA SHARP and continues to be a premier source for unique and unusual Natural Stone designs for Pool Designers, Renovators, Architects, General Contractors, Designers, and Homeowners. No matter what your dream is, large or small, We will personally assist you in making that dream come true…and stay within your budget in doing so. Thank You again for choosing us and we look forward to discussing your project with You!

NATURAL STONE SOURCE inc offers a wide variety of knowledge and design ideas to bring to your space and to help get your creative thoughts and designs jumpstarted. With so many offerings in stone types such as Limestone, Travertine, Marble, Quartzite, Granite, Onyx, Quartz, Cut Stone, and Porcelain your options are limitless with what your dream space can become.

Our motto is, pictures speak a thousand words. To show you just that, look through our galleries on each of our different pages to jumpstart the creative juices in creating your dream space! Call or email NATURAL STONE SOURCE inc to schedule a complimentary consultation with MARLA where you will be able to start to discover the offerings that are available for you and your space. This is the first step towards creating your dream to